Town Growth

Since 2016, Residential Growth has accelerated 64% *

*current three year growth average compared to previous 9 year average (2007-2018 Growth Data)

After rezoning, annual Residential Growth has averaged 76% above the estimated growth rate

2016 – 2018 Residential Unit Growth

Town Area2016201720183 Year Average
Rural District22182120
Growth District80645968
TOTAL UNITS102828088
% Above Estimated Growth Rate104%64%60%76%

From 2007-2015, a nine year period before the rezoning, the average annual Residential Unit Growth was only 54 new housing units

Town Growth Caps

The Town of Falmouth has Residential Growth Caps that must be reviewed every three years “to ensure that the annual maximum growth rate has not become inconsistent with the Town’s capital improvement capability to establish or enlarge needed public facilities and services…”

The 2016 Growth Caps doubled in 2017. In addition, Elderly and Affordable Housing, Conservation Subdivisions and Contract Zones are exempted from Town Growth Caps.

Between 2007-2015 Exemptions averaged 11 units/year. During the past three years, the average has exploded 172% to 30 units/year.

Exempted housing units potentially impact town services like any other housing unit

Town Wide Annual Unit Caps

Structure Type2016 Cap2017 and beyond Cap
Single Family, Two Family & Manufactured Units3365
Multi-Family Units (6 unit max per development)1224
Accessory Dwelling Units1020
Affordable Housing Units *(unlimited)(unlimited)
Elderly Housing Units *(unlimited)(unlimited)
Conservation Subdivision Units (RCOD) *(unlimited)(unlimited)
Contract Zones *(unlimited)(unlimited)
* Exemptions

Growth Cap information from – “TOWN OF FALMOUTH ORDINANCE NO 10-2017” document

Falmouth’s Residential Growth Caps (excluding Exemptions) are 118% HIGHER than the Town’s own growth estimate 

Exemptions accounted for 44% of all new housing units in 2016. The 3 year average is 34%.

What You Can Do

There are three ways to tell the Falmouth Town Council that you want to repeal the 2016 zoning changes:

Vote in the Growth Cap Poll

Send the Town Council an email

Attend LPAC and Town Council meetings and share your thoughts

Stay Informed

Sign up to receive email alerts from the Town of Falmouth regarding committee meetings, announcements and more. 

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