Endorsement Letters for Valentine Sheldon for Town Council

An overwhelming number of endorsement letters were submitted to the Forecaster in support of Valentine Sheldon for Town Council. Only ten were published due to space restrictions. Below are some of the unpublished submitted letters.

Letter: Vote Valentine Sheldon to protect Falmouth’s future

Local government has lost touch with the residents it is suppose to represent causing an alarming loss of trust. This cannot continue. We must have a steady hand on the helm to restore trust and stay the course. 

Valentine Sheldon can do it. He is practical, commonsensical, fair-minded and a good listener. He pays close attention to detail, dots the i’s and crosses the t’s after verifying  facts and data not before. His opinions are clear and well reasoned. He believes in excellent schools, responsible residential, commercial, economic development, fiscal management and taxation that will never drive anyone out of their home. 

Vote for Valentine. Protect Falmouth’s future.

Bob Hunt, Life-long Falmouth Resident

Letter: Valentine Sheldon will ask the tough questions Falmouth needs answered

June 11th I will be casting my vote for Valentine Sheldon.

Having lived here for over fifty years, I’ve experienced Falmouth’s transition from a Seaside/Farming community into what it is today.  We need a leader who is willing to dedicate the time needed to make  informed decisions to maintain our Town’s unrivaled character and  community.

Valentine will ask the tough questions and require verifiable justifications when it comes to Town expenditures and Land Use Policies. 

He is aware taxes are the #1 issue for long- time residents who want to age in place.

Valentine has taken the time to attend Budget and committee meetings and is committed to stabilizing property taxes needed to maintain Falmouth’s affordability into the future.

– John P. Winslow, Life-long Resident, LPAC Member, Building Contractor

Letter: Valentine Sheldon has the passion and courage to lead

Our family supports Valentine Sheldon for Falmouth Town Council.

Our town is at a pivotal point in its rich history and we must have representatives that balance vision with the passion and courage to lead. Valentine will give us these things.

Creating a vision requires gathering experiences in more than one more place, in more than one way. Valentine grew up in Maine, was educated in New York and had two successful careers while living in Manhattan.

Passion and courage to lead can be touted. Our representatives should show how they’ve demonstrated these things. Valentine’s work with the RA zoning rules demonstrates how we will lead.

Our town needs Valentine’s vision, passion and courage on our Town Council.


– Bill Welch, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Letter: Falmouth needs Valentine Sheldon now more than ever

Please join me and vote for Valentine Sheldon for Town Council. We need a voice of the people – someone who’s in tune with the issues that affect our town.  He’s that voice, representing what many really think and want to say. 

He has the pulse on our community. I firmly believe he’s up to the challenges that affect our town most – preserving what is sacred to us and identifies us as the town we love, controlling growth in a reasonable manner, and laying out the facts on issues as they arise with no strings attached or hidden agenda. He’s a black and white, stand up kind of guy. 

Valentine’s who we need on our Town Council, now more than ever. 

– Keith Roy & Heidi Kettinger-Roy

Letter: Valentine Sheldon knows how to communicate

We urge all Falmouth voters to support Valentine Sheldon for Town Council.

Valentine has championed informing Town residents to the drastic 2016 zoning changes which were passed without any notice and now are negatively impacting many neighborhoods. 

Valentine is a listener and a strategic thinker who cares greatly about our town and as a native Mainer respects it’s history. Having worked in the new economy in communications he has the skills to disseminate facts to residents in order to make good policy decisions for Falmouth. He is a strong believer in fiscal responsibility and economic development and as a parent cares greatly about our schools. 

For all of these reasons and more, we urge you to vote for Valentine Sheldon.

– Susan & Frank Ruch, Long-time Residents, Entrepreneurs & Environmentalists 

Letter: Valentine Sheldon stands out from the crowd

Last evening, many of us in Falmouth gathered in the Council chamber to meet and get to know the five candidates for the upcoming Town Council election on July 11th. 

My first choice is easy, as this candidate has previously demonstrated the kind of leadership and representative spirit I believe we need to work for us on the Council. 

Early on, he has been an effective communicator and organizer in bringing to public attention facts and statistics about the 2016 Zoning change as well as the Contract Zone and Route One issues. 

While the other candidates have good qualities, one stands out from the crowd – Valentine Sheldon.

Valentine Sheldon will be the first name I mark on my ballot.

– Jack Uminski, retired Educator

Letter: Vote for Valentine Sheldon who inspires & supports Falmouth residents

I am writing to endorse Valentine Sheldon for Falmouth Town Council. 

While other candidates talk about what their role as leaders would be, he has demonstrated his ability to lead In relation to growth and density, which is one of the most important recent issues facing Falmouth. He became one of the most knowledgeable town residents about the issue of zoning in Falmouth and has used this expertise to successfully challenge the status quo of “unintended consequences” which have produced a negative impact on property values, degraded the character of Falmouth, and impacted the quality of life for residents. He has distinguished himself in the leadership role he has taken by inspiring, supporting, educating and organizing other concerned Falmouth residents.

– Dudley Warner, former Municipal Administrator

Letter: Valentine Sheldon deserves your vote for Town Council

The attacks against my husband, Valentine Sheldon, for merely illuminating statements, facts and data published in town documents are unprecedented.  I can understand how some might feel attacked because their less-than-flattering words/actions/allegiances are exposed.  But Valentine’s mission: share information so residents understand where we are, how we got here, and to help guide our community forward together, without repeating past mistakes; is the foundation for a successful, happy Falmouth.

Valentine is leading the movement to create a Falmouth where all residents are heard, represented and served.  His request for transparency and robust dialogue is also unprecedented. I, and many others, are thankful that both are now part of our political process.

Vote for Valentine Sheldon.

– Michelle Sheldon, former Insurance Executive, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Mother of two attending Falmouth schools

Letter: We need Valentine Sheldon to preserve Falmouth’s character

Please vote and support Valentine Sheldon for Town Council. 

Guaranteed, Valentine will do the VERY BEST for the Town of Falmouth. He does his research on every subject and presents the truth of those facts.

Valentine is current with all topics of the Council, and is by far the best candidate for this Town. 

It’s time the Town Council listens to it’s residents and not special interests. The Town of Falmouth is being swindled by a few people that want Falmouth urbanized and Route 88 to look like Portland’s Munjoy Hill.

Falmouth’s character has survived 300 years and needs to be preserved. We need Valentine Sheldon to make that happen! 


Keith Noyes, Life-long Resident

Letter: Valentine Sheldon is committed to well-informed decision making

We moved to Falmouth two years ago from Virginia and fell in love with its laid back Maine charm, yet progressive and well-resourced schools, light-touch retail conveniences, etc.  

I assume most people who live here love it and would hope that any future development would be done in a strategic, well-informed way that leaves the character, quality and laid back pace of Falmouth as in tact as possible.  

Admittedly, I do not know a lot about the other candidates but I do know that Valentine Sheldon has these commitments at heart.

– Keri Ross, Business Owner, Mother of three attending Falmouth schools

Letter: Valentine Sheldon has demonstrated leadership that can be trusted

The cruelly disastrous 2016 zoning changes were imposed on Falmouth by elitist Councilors who ignored the town’s residents for guidance, heeding instead the wishes of various favored special interests that want to exploit Falmouth for their own economic, professional, and ideological purposes. Such crass indifference to the will and interests of the electorate is intolerable.

While some of this year’s candidates would keep us on that self-destructive path, Valentine Sheldon will return control of the town’s future to its residents, who have a collective wisdom greater than any of us alone, and who are by law the town’s sovereign power.  He has already demonstrated talent for this and can be trusted to exercise it tirelessly and selflessly on our behalf.

– Robert King, retired Marine Colonel

Letter: No one is better able to represent residents than Valentine Sheldon

My family moved to Falmouth last year for a number of reasons, but specifically, the great schools, the proximity to Portland while not actually being Portland, and the overall “feel” of Falmouth.

After attending town meetings and listening to the comments from LPAC members, I have a lot of concerns about what will happen to the already crowded schools, zoning, and overall “feel” of Falmouth if we continue moving forward with the 2016 rezoning.

After seeing the amount of personal time, work, and effort Valentine Sheldon has already put into “fighting for our Falmouth”, I can think of no one better to represent the interests of actual Falmouth residents and the town itself.

I endorse Valentine Sheldon for Town Council.

– Kevin Pryse, Technologist, Father of two attending Falmouth schools

Letter: Valentine Sheldon for Town Council

While change is inevitable, poorly planned and poorly executed change, more often than not, leads to unintended consequences. The 2016 Falmouth zoning changes as well as the permitted use of contract zoning to accommodate dense housing developments are both rife with unintended consequences which have led to rapidly rising property taxes, increased traffic and significant pressure on Falmouth school resources. 

During the 2019/20 school year the student to teacher ratio will rise to 19:1 in Falmouth schools which is just slightly below the state guidelines of 20:1 and well above the ratios in neighboring towns such as Yarmouth, which carries a 15:1 ratio. A second principal is now required in Falmouth Elementary for the first time in the school’s history to manage the increase in students. With the addition of yet another kindergarten and first grade class for the next school year, Falmouth Elementary School will have no additional classroom space on the K-2 end of the school which leads any observer to conclude that any future growth will need to be accommodated with external classroom trailers.

Due to the lack of impact studies related to the 2016 zoning changes none of these unintended consequences were considered by the Town Council. Continued unchecked growth under the current or similar zoning regulations compounded by the impact of several large proposed housing projects will further exacerbate these unintended consequences with real and immediate negative impacts to the quality of our schools as well as the quality of life for many in Falmouth. To put it simply, Falmouth can and should do better. 

One candidate for Town Council has stood up on these issues and clearly voiced opposition to this unchecked growth: Valentine Sheldon. He has shown time and time again his dedication to improving Falmouth for everyone, not just a handful of developers. Valentine is transparent with his opinions but also willing to listen to alternative perspectives and work towards solutions that benefit the many instead of the few. For these reasons I will be voting for Valentine Sheldon for Town Council and urge you to do the same.

– Chelsea Reid, Attorney, Mother of children attending Falmouth Schools

Videos of Valentine Sheldon for Town Council

Below are videos of Town Council Candidate Valentine Sheldon speaking at the recent Town Council meeting and “Candidates Night”. Unfortunately, one or several of the other candidates refused to allow the Candidates Night be recorded for broadcast, distribution and posterity. Valentine wanted his positions recorded so as many residents as possible can be informed on where he stands on the important issues facing Falmouth. Please share.

Vote for a New True Falmouth – Vote for Valentine Sheldon
Valentine Sheldon for Town Council – Introduction Speech
Valentine Sheldon for Town Council – Affordable Housing/Proposed Habitat Development
Valentine Sheldon for Town Council – Habitat Proposal/Top Two Issues Facing Falmouth
Valentine Sheldon for Town Council – Closing Statement

The Falmouth Town Council Should Repeal the 2016 Zoning Changes
* When voting, a cookie will be used to prevent repeat voting


Teacher/Student ratios have exceeded ME State recommendations

Incoming Kindergarten class sizes have grown 26%

1st grade class sizes have grown 24%

7th and 8th grade class sizes have grown 15% each

2016-2018 was the FASTEST three year growth period in the past 12 years

2018 had the LARGEST amount of Capped Growth in the past 12 years – 72 units

2018 growth was 67% HIGHER than the preceding 9 year annual average

2017-18 was the FASTEST two year period of growth in the past 12 years

2016-17 was the 2nd FASTEST two year period of growth in the past 12 years

Average annual growth increased by 40%

2016-18 is the ONLY 3 year period during the past 12, in which EVERY SINGLE YEAR growth was 60% HIGHER than the stable growth rate


The Falmouth Town Council Should Repeal the 2016 Zoning Changes
* When voting, a cookie will be used to prevent repeat voting



Silence = Approval

What You Can Do

If you can not attend the Public Forum on 3/28, there are two other ways to tell the Falmouth Town Council that you want to repeal the 2016 zoning changes:

Send the Town Council an email

Attend LPAC and Town Council meetings and share your thoughts

Stay Informed

Sign Up to receive alerts and announcements from SaveFalmouth.org

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13 thoughts on “SaveFalmouth.org”

  1. Don’t care more for the developers than you do for the residents. Turning Falmouth from a town into a city is not progress. Who does it benefit?

  2. My name is John Winslow, I initiated the petition drive to vote on revoking these July 2016 zoning changes. The Town Council along with various boards were lead down this path by Nathan Poore and his hand pick team of Amanda Stearns and Theo Holtwik. I have noticed that Amanda has made herself scarce since this has been brought back to the forefront. Amanda now is the Towns open space manager along with being the Land Use Policy Specialist consultant with an office. She managed to get a Contract Zoning Ordinance on the books in less than 8 weeks. The Town has done just fine for the past 38 years when the State Legislature passed a Contract Zoning Law back in 1978. There seems to be a lot of kool aid drinking going on at Town Hall.
    Thank you for developing this web page.

  3. I was glad to find this website, and I hope other residents of RA will also find it and make their opinions known. It is difficult to determine who other than developers, real estate agents, and those leaving Falmouth would benefit from these changes.

    I am hopeful that an adjustment can be made to the current lot dimensions in RA through the strategy described at the 12/10/18 Town Council meeting. As I understand it, this would involve dividing the RA district into several subdistricts that would allow for different lot dimensions. My primary concern is the timeframe for making these proposed changes.

    As those Councilors who have toured Falmouth to see firsthand how lots are being divided and multistory small footprint houses are being built, the impact on quality of life and the character of Falmouth can not fully be appreciated by relying solely on data from LPAC.

  4. I hope everybody that is reading this website will send it to everyone they know in Falmouth – this is a fantastic resource to fully understand the issue, to vote and email the council. Thank you!

  5. We move to West Falmouth in 2000 for the schools and the open space in our neighborhood. I am not in agreement to turning West Falmouth into a greater-density mix of multi-family, cluster development that degrades the open space characteristics. Increasing housing density and reducing setback, road frontage and other development rules only act to serve the developer and decrease the open character of my neighborhood. The planners goal should not be to grow the town by increasing housing density, but to adopt and encourage thoughtful rules that follow the existing character of our beautiful West-Falmouth neighborhoods. Regarding the make-up of the planners, if the planners do not have a vested interest in the neighborhoods they are affecting, the elected officials should take it upon themselves to involve planners who do have a vested interest. The fear that the existing West-Falmouth population will migrate to other areas to retain a similar rural experience as West Falmouth now provides is a very predictable outcome of the current rule changes of the 2016 zone changes. I will be present at the next planning meeting where I plan to share my point of view.

  6. We live in a four home subdivision created in 2001 served by a private way whose plan was approved in 1989, but not executed. We bought our place from the original owner in 2004 when the zoning was Farm and Forest.
    I swear we had no idea of the zoning change proposed in 2013 and done in 2016. I found out when an unscrupulous developer, Andy Berube, submitted a request to Dawn Emerson of the Planning Board that he be able to split a neighboring lot and begin using our private way for access to his new lot.
    The Planning Board was all set to approve his request at the next meeting. They were going to base their decision only upon the 1989 private way plan without even looking up the 2001 private way and subdivision plan that superseded it. We had only a postcard a week before the meeting to alert us of this upcoming meeting.
    We acted immediately to hire a lawyer to respond. We were able to stop the board from giving away our property rights, but it cost us $20,000 in attorney fees to do so.
    We were able to express our displeasure as a town meeting in November.
    Think that will change the way the town does things?

  7. If the Falmouth Center proposal is approved and proceeds, Falmouth taxpayers will spend millions in the years ahead to help pay for the infrastructure changes necessary for this project. If the council votes to proceed with this project, they will be dragging the taxpayers of Falmouth into a business partnership with Mr. Soley and Mr. Cohen. It is incumbent on the council to perform intensive due diligence regarding the business histories of these two developers. Are they trustworthy? What are their business values? Are they ethical businessmen with integrity? The council needs to drill deep and drill hard into their backgrounds before committing the taxpayers into a business relationship that could end badly. With all due respect, I don’t believe anyone on the council has the time or experience to throughly vet the backrounds of the developers, and will encourage them to hire a law firm with experience to investigate the histories of both developers. Too much is at stake.

  8. We live in a town that does not even have a bona fide post office,and now we are going to have a huge sports center and a bunch of little houses to benefit the developers?????????That seems crazy.

  9. I’m hoping someone on this forum can enlighten me. I’ve emailed the council but have received no response. I watched the town council’s workshop on Thursday morning with great interest. The developers of the proposed Falmouth Center have said from the beginning they need a zoning change in order to build the soccer fields that will anchor their project. They said they could not proceed without the sports fields. They have now submitted “Plan B” which is their proposal for the property if the zoning remains unchanged, and includes some light manufacturing and a warehouse. AND SOCCER FIELDS. So, are soccer fields permitted under current zoning or not? Thank you.

  10. The Town council needs to ask themselves, “how will this development, if approved and built according to the developer’s plans, benefit the Town and taxpayers of Falmouth?” The only tenant already committed to this project is Seacoast United, a for- profit athletic organization. Will their soccer fields benefit the youth of Falmouth? I emailed the board of directors for Falmouth Youth Soccer and asked that question. They replied that FYSA has not been told they would have any access to the fields. FYS already uses fields at Falmouth HS, Falmouth Middle School and Community Park. Their assumption is they would need to rent the fields (pay to play) and that would not be feasible. So those fields, if they are built, will benefit the for-profit Seacoast United, the for-profit developers, the out of town teams renting the fields, but not the youth of Falmouth. Neighbors, draw your own conclusions.

  11. The Hothem/David Chase “Contract Zone” has come back up on the radar.
    Please come to the meeting tomorrow at 4:30 pm. at Route 100 and Mountain Road
    Late notice but that is exactly the games we have been dealing with for many years now.
    This link takes you to the “Falmouth No To Contract Zone” page for more info.

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